Baby Cleansing 8mini wipes/8packs


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Carich Baby Cleaning Wipes are organic, antibacterial baby napkins that can be used by babies up to 3 years. These clinically proven napkins serve a wide range of purposes from wiping off water from the baby’s body after bath to cleaning his/her face after the infant has consumed milk or food. As this is an antiseptic product with good aroma, it can also be used to clean the baby after it excretes. The pack has been exclusively designed.
Key features are:
  • Soft texture
  • Gently cleanse and moisturize baby’s delicate skin.
  • With its aloe vera and chamomile ingredients, it is ideal during changing moments and to cleanse baby’s hands and face.
  • It contains no corrosive chemical, dyes and is absolutely alcohol free
  • Clinically tested on delicate and  sensitive skins.

This is made with high quality natural soft fibers, it provides ultra soft touch. It is  also alcohol free and is enriched with aloe extract plus vitamin E to provide a gentle, effective clean for baby’s delicate skin. It helps to moisturize and soothe skin, with unique convex point design, this product easily cleans stain in baby’s wrinkled skin, especially when changing diapers for baby.

Women also use Carich Baby Cleaning Wipes as a natural makeup remover.

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